Discover a new way to collaborate

Have everything in one place in one versatile feed. No more messy emails and inefficient chatting with Intrafeed.

Creating your site is free and takes about 5 minutes

Posts made for work

Communicate with functional posts made for work.

Attach checklists, calendar events, files and forms.

No endless lines of plain text like emails and chats.

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Group of business people working with digital tablet in office

A modern workplace

Intrafeed is your digital workspace where employees feel informed and empowered. Where external collaborators can be invited for better communication. Where you can invite your clients and deliver even more value.

People and communication are what matter most.


Feature by feature

Personalized feed

A personalized feed based on the channels you have joined.

Designed to deliver

Notifications and marks make sure that the information is read.

Active Directory Integration

Log in with your AD credentials. Sync channels with AD groups.


A shared calendar for tasks, goals and events. Personal or for a channel.

Site links

Add a list of links to external pages to the menu

A like-button

A like button for expressing approval.

Admin control

Manage users and channels so the right people get right information.

Task Management

Task lists can be created and assigned by you or your teammates

Invite people

Send people email invitations and add them to specific channels

Responsive design

Intrafeed is designed for mobile, tablet and desktop

Direct Messaging

Send private messages directly to users

Find content

Search and filter to find content

Share posts

Create Intrafeed posts and share with channels or users

Approval workflow

Create forms for formal requests and approvals. Exportable to spreadsheets.

Decide who can join

Choose what email domains can join your site or set to invite only.

Attach files

Files can be attached, searched and found

Archive and hide

Reduce the noise by archiving and hiding content

Support chat for admins

Your admins can chat with our support

The Origin

Intrafeed started as an internal communication tool for Jiransoft. The project was initiated 2015 by Chi-Young Oh, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

The Mission

Intrafeed’s mission is to help companies to connect and grow by providing simple, affordable and yet powerful tools.

The Pricing Model

Intrafeed is a mainly a cloud based software as a service and is currently hosted on the cloud infrastructure provider Digital Ocean. The standard subscription is free for 10 users and then costs 1 euro per month for every additional active user.

The Technology

As all secure web application, passwords are encrypted, SSL is used and the software is built on robust web application frameworks (Django and Angular). Each site data is stored in a separate database schema for best security and performance. Customer data and uploaded files are regularly backed up by our cloud infrastructure provider.

Pricing table


Your Site

Shared server

  • €1 per user per month
  • 10 users for free
  • Storage 5 GB per user
  • Support included
  • €999 per server per month
  • Unlimited sites & users
  • Custom domain
  • Custom integrations