Why we exist

The mission of Intrafeed is to help companies modernize their infrastructure, simplify their work and enable them to deliver more value and grow. Our ambition is to break the limits of what a collaboration tool can do for your company.

For some companies G Suite or Office 365 is all they need. But for most companies, communicating only via email and chat may be sufficient at first, but the inbox and chat rooms quickly get messy and coworkers need collaboration features to coordinate.

It’s a daunting task for a company to move away from the apps they’ve always used, to put time and effort to learn and deploy a new system. This is a critical move that determines the quality of your work and sometimes the survival of the company. Sometimes you stand between playing it safe and sink slowly, or taking a chance and catch up and surpass your competitors.

Every organization is unique, and while Intrafeed isn’t for everyone, it’s a great match for certain companies. Reach out to us to find out if you are one of them.

Who we are

Jiransoft AB is a subsidiary company based in Stockholm that belongs to the Jiransoft group. It is the first to be based in Europe out of a network of subsidiaries that together serves over 40,000 businesses in Asia and US.

Intrafeed, the product, started as an internal communication tool for Jiransoft. The project was initiated 2015 by Chi-Young Oh, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Intrafeed at the Eget Företag exhibition, Stockholm Nov 2017.